Investing In Your Success

Building scalable, profitable and sustainable businesses through innovative solutions.

About Us

South Dakota Venture capital was established in 2010 to provide equitable financing and business expertise to young and emerging firms. Our Partners have a combined total of over 40 years of experience and we are committed to helping entrepreneurs build profitable and innovative companies that are scalable, profitable, and sustainable. Our Partners understand how successful businesses unfold in any phase of the growth process. We invest in vision, innovation, and efficiency to ensure that emerging companies capitalize on their ability to succeed.

Our business models are not only based on capital. Success is also based on business relationships. South Dakota Venture Capital will help to increase shareholder value through our teamwork, mentoring, and loyal partnerships.

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to investing, however our business model is based on core business practices and then tailored to yield profitability, high growth potential, and lasting success.

Contact Us

South Dakota researches companies for participation. We will contact you if we find that you are a potential fit for South Dakota. Because we are a privately held investment firm, we do not entertain offers from companies that are looking for "Angel Investors". South Dakota is not interested in product development companies or companies with speculative business plans. There are investment companies who specialize in providing capital for companies that want to engage in such opportunities; South Dakota is not one of them.